Who we are
and what inspires our music

Indifferent Nature

Created out a love of progressive rock and esoteric metal bands, Indifferent Nature was formed by Mike Sestak during his senior year at North Central College during 2015. NCC classmates Matthew Miller, Josh Cervenka and Mike Lockler joined Sestak and his friend Alex Zapata in performing an original song cycle called Introspective Aftermath. In May 2015, the quintet had their first performance at Wentz Concert Hall.

A short time after his college degree was finished (along with the usual post-graduation hassle), Sestak reformed the group in the spring of 2016 to record Introspective Aftermath in the studio. Recording took place in September 2016 and final mixing of the album took place in January 2017. Introspective Aftermath was released in February 2017.

Current Personnel